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"Fearless through life" - the self-hypnosis audiobook by Dr. Harry Imberg

Most people carry around a fear of certain things or events. Be it the fear of illness, loss, snakes, spiders or even the upcoming visit to the dentist – these fears and phobias block us and impair our quality of life.

How nice it would be to simply go through life without wasting thoughts on future anxiety-laden situations.

Dr. Harry Imberg, a dentist with many years of experience, has seen that we can overcome our fears with the appropriate support and boost our self-confidence in the long term. Hypnosis can work wonders, especially when it comes to fear of the dentist (dental phobia).

With the self-hypnosis audiobook “Fearless through life" by Dr. Harry Imberg, you now have an aid for self-hypnosis for private use at home.

Self-Hypnosis Audiobook - Audio CD - englisch version

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9,75 €Preis
    • Audio CD
    • Running time approx. 30 minutes
    • Price including sales tax, plus shipping costs
    • Language: English
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